Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- How to change or cancel your reservation?

Tripdear.com aims in providing the affordable flight prices by comparing from different airline reservations. It helps passengers to find the fare that suits their budget requirements. If you come across queries or information on reservation, you can connect with the travel advisors available here.

Q2- define Hacker Fare?

To save money, it is better to go for one-way flights, that’s what a hacker fare does. It helps the passengers to find the compatible one-way flights. Make sure you first confirm if its available or not, before making your trip.

Q3- Do prices include fees and taxes?

Yes, the fares you see on Tripdear.com includes taxes and other charges. You may also see some charges related to baggage and seat selection. If you want to know what airlines charge what, you can ask the experts available.

Q4-Can I book flight for my child?

Yes, you can book flights, available on tripdear.com. You can select the number of children according to your requirements.

Q5- what are flexible dates?

According to your preferred dates, flexible dates will show you flights up to 3 days. You can also find deals according to flexible dates too. You can also select “weekend” or “month” according to your choice.

Q6- how to create a price alert?

By signing in and going directly to price alerts in your account, you can check for “Track prices”.

Q7-Can I book tickets for a large group?

Yes, you can easily book your tickets, available at the portal of tripdear.com. The advisors will help you in finding the affordable tickets or a huge discount on group travel. Make sure you search the tickets right on time.

Q8-I am thinking to explore more than one city. Can I book a flight in more than one place?

Yes, you can book a ticket to more than one city by checking the option, multi-city.

Q9- how to check for airline’s information?

On our site, you get access to information on airline’s baggage, check-in, cabins and more.