Everything you need to know about your next Hongkong Trip

Now that all the countries are opening their borders to travelers, it’s the perfect time to bring out your best clothes and set out. Traveling to the other end of the world is much more rewarding when you have done your research in advance. You will feel more prepared and excited with the information we have curated for you.

Get information on Chicago-Hongkong routes

Distance between airports 12551 miles
Time Taken 15h 40 m
Time Difference -13 hours
Popular Airlines for Chicago- Hongkong American Airlines
Airports Hongkong (China); Hongkong International Airport (HKG)
Chicago (USA); Chicago O’Hare International Airport (CHI)
Cheapest Airlines Cathay Pacific
Flights per week 15 flights per week
Cheapest Month December

NOTE: The number of flights operated per week are prone to fluctuation.

Things to keep in mind before making a Chicago- Hongkong trip

  • To make sure your long-haul flights do not get uncomfortable, try to get some sleep while on board.
  • For cheaper deals on Chicago-Hongkong flights, try to book at least 3 weeks in advance.
  • You will get a better deal on flights when you book your flight during the low season.
  • Travel light and pack one extra empty duffle bag in your luggage.
  • Sign up for a great TSA Precheck plan as soon as possible. You will have an easier time at the check-in and security.

Most Popular Airlines on Chicago-Hongkong route

Check out the list to get all the information on top airlines operating Chicago-Hongkong flights at the moment. These are the top airlines and the prices they offer for flight fares for a one-way trip. Have a look:

American Airlines 700-750USD
Emirates 800-880USD
Delta Airlines 600-750USD
Turkish Airlines 500-700 USD
Qatar Airways 800-900USD
British Airways 900-1200USD
KLM 600-690USD
SWISS 700-780USD
Cathay Pacific 600-640USD

Note: The prices vary for different travel classes. These prices are noted for the last 7 days. Fluctuations are possible.

Get to know origin and destination


Chicago is home to 2.7 million residents and is the largest city in Illinois. The city is always buzzing with tourists getting their fill of this vibrant city. By going on a Hongkong-Chicago trip, you will realize how different these two (Hongkong and Chicago) cities are. The contrast in their culture will only make this excursion more exciting. Chicago has many museums and takes immense pride in displaying its history. Visit Science Museum and Chicago Cultural center to get yourself a crash course on Chicago. Do not forget to try their much-loved doughnuts.


Get your share of delicious dim sums at Temple Street Night Market. The city is a sight for sour eyes. Hongkong is a beautiful landscape of traditional Chinese architecture and a modern skyscraper. Bless your taste buds with food from Michelin-star restaurants. Learn about Chinese history from the preserved relics.