Get to know about flights details from Los Angeles to Las Vegas here!

If you haven’t taken a break for so many days and looking for the best place to enjoy, then Los Angeles is a perfect destination. Travelling makes an individual feel refreshed and rejuvenated. So, one should plan for a trip and take a break to feel refreshed. Though Los Angeles is a destination that people from all over the world visit, but a huge number of travellers from Las Vegas visits this place.

So, if you are also planning to take flights from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and looking for all the flight-related information, then get to know all about it here. One can get to know all about flight duration, how much time the flight takes to cover the distance between these destinations, which is the most reliable airline for this route and much.

All about the route: Las Vegas to Los Angeles

All the basic and most important information about this route is mentioned in the table below-

Airport Origin airport- McCarran International Airport
Destination airport- Los Angeles International Airport
Time difference There is no time difference between Las Vegas Los Angeles
Total distance 228.5 miles
Total duration 1 hour 3 minutes
Most popular airline Delta airlines
Best month to fly High season months- December
Low season month- August
Flights per day 221

* The number of direct flights that fly for this route per week is 1375.

Points to know if you are flying from Las Vegas to Los Angeles –

Here are some of the tips one can follow to make their trip for this route much easier and cheaper.

  • If you are looking to make the bookings at the most affordable and cheaper rates then go ahead to make the bookings at least 32 days in advance.
  • November, December and January are the months when the prices are its peak. So, one can avoid making reservations in these months of high season.
  • Make the bookings for August. This is the most affordable month.
  • Or One can even make the bookings 1 week in advance to get the tickets at below-average prices.
  • Do not rush in making the reservations and look for some new deals. Use those deals while making the bookings.

Top 5 airlines || Las Vegas to Los Angeles

From a list of so many airlines, there are some of the most reliable airlines which one can depend on for making the bookings. The top five airlines that fly for this route are-

  • Delta Airlines- It is the best and most trusted airline for this route. The number of flights of delta airlines that fly for this route is 18.
  • West jet- It is another airline that offers about 12 flights every day for this route.
  • Virgin Atlantic- This airline also offers the same number of flights as West Jet per day i.e., 12.
  • Southwest airlines- the number of flights that fly from Las Vegas to Los Angeles are 104 per week.
  • American airlines
About origin and destination-

About Los Angeles-

Whether you are looking for beaches to relax, or museums or art galleries to explore, Los Angeles has it all. It is one of the destinations where people from all over the world come for various purposes. It is known for opening the gateway for fun-filled and most exciting days of life. It is a place for people of all ages. There are many theme parks where both adults and children can enjoy. Along with this, don’t forget to explore Disneyland. There are many must-visit places of Los Angeles; the names of those places are following-

Must visit places of Los Angeles –

  • Staples centre
  • Venice beach
  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Santa Monica pier
  • Los Angeles convention centre
  • Long Beach cruise terminal
About Las Vegas-

Las Vegas is yet another destination that people think of visiting at least once in life. So many travellers from this destination visit Los Angeles and live their life to the fullest. Just like Los Angeles, Las Vegas also offers the best places to enjoy the nightlife. Along with enjoying the nightlife, one has so many splendid attractions which they should not miss.

This was all the information that the flyer should have if they are planning to take flights from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.