Take the much-deserved break after the pandemic

Welcome to your favourite travel site. Summers are just around the corner. Let us all pledge not to spend these golden days in the confines of your home. You have already spent a lot of time indoors, keeping you and your family safe during the pandemic. But now after the vaccine rollout, things are changing. Nations are lifting travel bans and preparing themselves to welcome tourists. A trip with your family from Christchurch to Los Angeles will give you a kickstart for future endeavours.

Let’s cover some essential information about flights from Christchurch to Los Angeles

Distance 11,119 km
Time Taken 13h 55 m
Time Difference +19hours
Best Airlines for Christchurch to Los Angeles Air New Zealand
Airport Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Christchurch International Airport (CHC)
Cheapest Airlines Qantas
Flights per week 7 flights per week
Cheapest Month January

Things to know before traveling from Christchurch to Los Angeles

  • Flights from Christchurch to Los Angeles come under long-haul flights. If you wish to get out of the plane looking presentable, make sure you take plenty of rest while on board.
  • With a time- a difference of +19 hours, you are bound to get jet-lagged. Drink enough fluids to keep the discomfort to a minimum.
  • Do not confuse New Zealand as a part of Australia. It’s a separate country. Confusing them might offend the locals.
  • Ditch your shoes and walk barefoot in New Zealand. Locals do it all the time to feel closer to mother nature.
  • Pack on a lot of sunscreens as the sun tends to hit harsher in Los Angeles.
  • Los Angeles is trying to be an environmentally conscious destination. Try not to litter or carry plastic bags with you.
  • Ticket fares from Christchurch to Los Angeles tend to drop during the winter months. If you are looking for cheaper flights, book in January and February.

Top 5 airlines for the flight from Christchurch to Los Angeles

We know you are curious to compare ticket fares for Christchurch to Los Angeles. Have a look at the top airlines and the prices they offer for flight fares for a one-way trip. Have a look:

United Airlines 1500-1800USD
Singapore Airlines 1000-1400USD
Emirates 1200-1500USD
Fiji Airways 800-1000USD
Air New Zealand 800-880USD

Note: The flights fares are subjected to fluctuation.

Christchurch- pride of New Zealand

Christchurch is considered the largest city in the Southern part of New Zealand. It has plenty of nature reserves and stunning landscapes. Get your dose of history in its Canterbury Museum. The museum has preserves of Antarctic exploration. The Christchurch Botanic Garden is a sight to behold. Nature enthusiasts call this city their safe haven.

Once upon a time in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the home of the legendary Hollywood sign. The city is a kaleidoscope of cultures and entertainment. If you happen to be a movie buff, this city is La La Land for you. From the TLC Chinese Theatre Hand Prints to Griffith Observatory, the city has ample options to keep you enthralled. You might encounter a celeb or ten, hanging around at famous eateries.