Make new beginnings and Get Rich with Memories with Travel Diaries-

It is easy to sit in one corner of the world and have a perspective. But it is a whole lot different to take a tour, experience the different places. You get to see different cultures, food, festivals, landscape, and history. As a saying goes “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you Richer”. Let’s get rich with happiness and experience by traveling around the beautiful world.

Moreover, this will create new memories and new heights in your life. Most people just plan their lives, which is not wrong but what’s life without any edge. Get out, feel the thrust and make some new stories and adventures to tell. Don’t make plans, just hop on to the extraordinary journey.

Key Points-

Origin Airport Miami International Airport (MIA).
Destination Airport Old Mariscal Sucre International Airport (UIO).
Time Taken to Travel 4 Hours and 17 Minutes.
Distance Between Origin to Destination 1795 Miles.
Operating Airlines in the Route American Airlines, Avianca, Copa Airlines, Aeromexico.
Estimated Fare (Round-Trip) $500-$550.

Essential things to know before your travel-

Well, it is always best to make unplanned travel plans. But you should always make sure not to end up at the wrong time of the year to any destination. And to avoid that, always do research before you book your flight. However, you will be sorted for your Miami to Quito trip, just go through these essential points before booking your tickets-

  • Plan your trip to the city, during the dry months of June to September. Also, get the bright shiny sun and enjoy.
  • Also, the peak season for a vacation in to Quito is from November to February.
  • Book your flights in advance of 3 weeks to score a decent deal.
  • June is the lowest season for your flight tickets.
  • Always carry your water bottle, portable charger, and umbrella when around the city.
Best Airlines to travel from Miami to Quito-

Some of the top airlines operate their flights on this route. Total, 340 flights operate nonstop on this route. Besides, there are 11 flights daily to operate. And if you are traveling, here is a list of all the best airlines to travel-

  • American Airlines operates 124 non-stop flights per month. It operates the cheapest round-trip tickets.
  • Avianca operates cheapest for both round trip and one-way tickets.
  • Copa Airlines is popularly known for the cheapest one-way tickets.
  • Aeromexico operates connecting flights to these destinations.
Secrets of Quito-

Explore the heritage capital city of Ecuador, Quito. It sits at a high altitude from sea level. And because of its location, it is also known as Light of America (Luz de América¬). So if you are a fan of heights and history this is the place. You get to visit the top peaks covered with snow, also known as the city of heavens.

Further, explore the Intinan Solar Museum. Get an uncommon peek at the Garcia Moreno Prison Museum. If you feel religious you can also visit the Basilica Del Voto Nacional, La Virgen de Quito and Iglesia de la Compania de Jesus.

Explore the hidden beauty of Miami-

You already know that Miami is popular for its beaches, landscapes, and nightlife. But you were unaware of few uncommon things which you must try. Miami has some unique taste buds and unusual attractions. In fact, it has a winery that serves avocado wine which you will only find here. Dive into the underwater world of Neptune Memorial Reef to explore the city of lost Atlantis.

Visit the wild Monkey Jungle where humans travel in a cage and animals run wild. Just like the saying goes – humans are the most dangerous animals. Experience the rush of Jai alai, the fastest ball game in the world. In total, you will be thrilled to explore some of the unbelievable places on earth. Take some time to visit a different world of Miami which is largely unexplored.

Experience this uncommon trip once in a lifetime and treasure this memory. Quito and Miami are two opposite cities, making America proud. Hence, it is time to explore these beauties.