Missing the adrenaline rush of exploring new places?

Some people still believe Earth is flat and that there is an end to the world. We call them non-travelers. Stay away from these people, they are not good for your mental health. Instead, stick with us and learn about the adventures you are dreaming about. If a NYC-Tokyo trip is on the horizon for you. Look no further

Get your essential dose of NYC-Tokyo flights

Distance 6738 miles
Time Taken 12h 48 m
Time Difference -13 hours
Popular Airlines for NYC-Tokyo Etihad
Airports John F. Kennedy International Airport
Newark Airport
La Guardia Airport
Steward International Airport
Tokyo/Haneda International Airport
Cheapest Airlines Air Canada
Flights per week 126 flights per week
Cheapest Month November

Things to keep in mind before making a NYC-Tokyo trip

  • Long haul flights can get really uncomfortable but we have a few tricks in our pocket to make them a breeze. The temperature inside a plane tends to fluctuate a lot. Sometimes it gets really hot and sometimes you feel like you are going to freeze. It is wise to always carry a sweater or a fleece with you.
  • Make sure you have all your essentials such as hand sanitizer, lip balm, important medicines in your carry-on. Do not overstuff your carry-on. Keep the essentials in the outer pockets.
  • This is probably the most important advice we could give you- Invest in a great TSA Precheck plan. The check-in and security process will become completely stress-free
  • Try to look for an alternate airport for the NYC-Tokyo flight. JFK tends to get crowded. The alternate airport will not be less crowded but will save you money.

Top 5 Most Popular Airlines for NYC-Tokyo flights

We have all the information you need to compare and contrast different airlines for a smoother NYC-Tokyo flight. These are the top airlines and the prices they offer for flight fares for a one-way trip. Have a look:

Philippine Airlines 400-500USD
Air Canada 400-500USD
SWISS 800-850USD
United Airlines 1000-1500 USD
Lufthansa Airlines 800-860USD

Note: The prices tend to fluctuate. Check the prices before booking.

Information about origin and destination

New York City

New York City or NYC is considered the cultural capital of the U.S. A NYC-Tokyo trip will open your eyes to a different perspective. The city breathes life to an otherwise dull life. Get a glimpse of street style on the roads of Manhattan or submerge in the café culture in Times Square.


Tokyo is a place where ancient meets contemporary, young meet the new. It is the economic and political center of Japan. The Imperial Palace which is still the residence of the emperor goes to show that even in the 21st century Tokyo is still rooted in its culture. Its authentic Sushi has traveled all over the globe has become a favorite.